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Waterjet cutting machines industry

The use of the Water Jet for the applications

In the industrial water jet cutting machines a high pressure jet process is integrated. This enables the processing of all materials. It can be soft and at the same time porous foam as well as hard sapphire. However, the focus is on stone processing, leather processing and the processing of metal and plastic. In addition, the cutting of the most complicated shapes is possible. The basis for this can be seen in a cutting vector control. With regard to the processing length, it is possible to achieve accuracies of maximum 0.005 mm/m. Other tasks of the machines include deburring as well as trimming, which is used for composite plastic dashboards. In this case, water jet cutting is used for passenger cars, whereby a five-axis robot including water jet nozzle is responsible for this task.

The benefits of waterjet cutting machines for companies

The waterjet cutting machines used in industry in Germany bring many advantages to companies. After all, waterjet cutting can be used in many different ways. The particular advantage is that the machine consists of a wide variety of components. This in turn allows a different combination of these parts. The components include CNC machines with management responsibility, which are also characterized by a control system, and pressure intensifiers. Among the other parts are nozzles, valves, electric motors, oil tanks as well as accumulators and the high-pressure piping.

Buy used water jet cutting machines online

There is a wide range of equipment available to meet individual needs. The products and service are combined in a first-class manner. We have been manufacturing high-quality WARICUT waterjet cutting machines since the beginning of the 90s and are one of the first system suppliers to the industry in Germany for waterjet cutting systems! With our brand WARICUT Waterjet Cutting Systems / WARICUT Waterjet Cutting Systems we produce for our customers the most different waterjet machines – also called waterjet cutters or water jet. Furthermore, high-precision Micro Water Jet machines (WARICUT micro-max) are part of our range of services as well as the overhaul of CNC machine tools and the construction of special purpose machines. As further services we offer you the measurement of machine tools by means of high-precision laser, and many more. Our customers worldwide benefit from our extensive experience and competence! If required, we will gladly provide you with information about our services and our waterjet cutting systems. If you would like to purchase a waterjet cutting machine, you can obtain all information from us by e-mail or by telephone consultation: +49 (0)2381 – 30212-0. Do you have any other questions on this topic? No problem! We are looking forward to your inquiry.

How is a waterjet cutting system constructed?

The basic structure is always a machine frame, usually made of steel or aluminum. The high-pressure pump, the control system and the cutting head are located on this frame, spatially separated from each other. The control system is separated because modern machines are almost always equipped with a CNC control system, which of course should not necessarily come into contact with water. Depending on the model, the high pressure pump works either silently or loudly. That depends a little bit on the price and is an additional gimmick for a more comfortable working. Important is the performance of the pump, which should be high. Because only by a maximum pressure a high pressure sterilization is possible and therefore a clean cut on the workpiece. The cutting head is usually applied directly to the workpiece to be processed so that the jet can develop its maximum working power. Some manufacturers, such as Waterjet or Bystronic, supply various cutting heads which, together with the cutting control, enable even better cutting in precision.

What are the advantages of purchasing waterjet cutting systems?

The advantages have of course been briefly explained in the above paragraphs, but will be explained again here. Effective and above all precise work is only possible with a waterjet cutting system. Especially companies which cannot afford any mistakes in production and where even one millimeter can have a negative effect on the product will not be able to avoid the purchase of such a cutting system. High-quality systems are expensive, because after all these are high-tech products with a very long service life. As an entrepreneur, you can alternatively consider buying a used machine. With the appropriate certificate and of course an inspection, the purchase can be cheaper and still deliver perfect quality for a very long time. But independently of whether one decides for a new purchase, or the purchase of a used machine it is always necessary to include the operational possibilities and requirements, also in the future, into the considerations. After all, if you rely on the differences in price and prefer to buy a used machine, you may be in for a nasty surprise after a short time. Namely when the machine simply cannot meet the requirements and newer technology is needed for successful order processing. Whoever plans here and takes the future into account saves not only time and nerves, but also a lot of money when purchasing a waterjet cutting system.

WARICUT 2D & 3D Water jet cutting systems
HWM-P 3040/2-2D/3D
HWM-P 3040/2-2D/3D
Micro water jet cutting with Waricut micro max