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WARICUT micro-max/ micro water jet cutting

„Maximum precision all over the microcosm!“

Application fields of the WARICUT micro-max® are diverse – for both research and industrial activities. Due to continuing miniaturisation of components and modules – for example in medical technology, electrical and watchmaking industry, in vehicle and tool manufacturing or in aerospace – a fine abrasive waterjet (d = 0.2 mm) is increasingly required. Just the essential advantages of the cold separation process, as no stress or structural changes of material and the possibility of processing nearly all materials are showing limits of thermal cutting processes.

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Technical details:


Cutting area:

X = 750 mm
Y = 750 mm
Z = 100 mm


repeat accuracy*

< 0,005 mm

positioning accuracy*

< + 0,01 mm

speed max. linear

20m / min


Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl

*According to the German VDI/DGQ3441 the positioning accuracy is subject to systematic errors (e.g. geometry errors), whereas the repeat accuracy is subject to random errors only. The figures are based on a measured length of 1 meter (RT = 20 ° + 1 °C).

WARICUT micro-max
WARICUT micro-max Schneidmuster 1
Cut sample 1
WARICUT micro-max Schneidmuster 2
Cut sample 2
WARICUT micro-max Schneidmuster 3
Cut sample 3
WARICUT micro-max Schneidmuster 4
Cut sample 4