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WARICUT special cutting machines

HWM 4020/1-2D
HWM 4020/1-2D

With the WARICUT® special series, customer-oriented production requirements are solved.

The WARICUT® technology can be used for any special cutting task and also includes complex machining centers or integration into production lines.

Integration of waterjet systems

The integration of waterjet systems into existing plants ensures the value of your existing investments. Improved technology secures your market position.


Ausfahrbarer 9-Kopf Schneidbalken
Extendable 9-head cutting bar
Extendable 9-head cutting bar, integrated in a fleece slitting line
WARICUT Querzerteilung
WARICUT Cross-cutting
WARICUT® Cross cutting with downstream stacking device
13-Kopf Schneidbalken
13-head cutting bar
13-head cutting bar integrated in a filter mat production system