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The WARICUT® HWE series is the newest development from H.G. Ridder GmbH. We presented the HWE machine type for the first time at the Euroblech 2004 in Hannover – the new concept was very well received by our customers and interested parties.

The step to another series in the area of flatbed machines in addition to the WARICUT® HWM was necessary in order to also cope with the active demand from overseas. Because it is only possible with the WARICUT® HWE to dismantle the machine frame into separate components.

The benefits of such a design are quite obvious:

  • short dismantling and assembly times of the machine frame
  • easy and space-saving possibility of also shipping larger machines in standard overseas containers

In doing so, it goes without saying that you do not have to dispense with the usual quality and precision of our machines!
The basic difference, as well as the frame which can be dismantled, for the HWM is the gantry drive. Precision gear racks have been used for both these axes; all other axes continue to be moved using ball screw spindles.
Large machine lengths in the flat bed area are also possible due to the use of gear racks as these lengths can only be realised with extremely high complexity using ball screw spindles.

Machine frame and cutting basin are usually separated for all types in order to rule out thermal influences on the machine geometry by heating of the cutting basin.

Every machine is individually designed according to customer requirements as single or multiple head system in 2D or 3D (or a combination). There is, of course, also a choice of interesting additional equipment options.
Due to the modular design of our systems, every optional function provided by H.G. Ridder GmbH can be retrofitted.

Would you like some advice? We are pleased to make you an offer for the machine of your choice!

The HWE machine type is available in the following sizes:

X (mm)Y (mm) 1Y (mm) 2Y (mm) 3Y (mm) 4

X (mm)

Y (mm)

2050155030504050 *
3050205030504050 *5050 *
4050205030504050 *5050 *
6050205030504050 *5050 *
9050205030504050 *5050 *
12050205030504050 *5050 *
15050205030504050 *5050 *
18050205030504050 *5050 *
21050205030504050 *5050 *

* Double arbour cross bar

Machine dimensions (HWE-P)

Position deviation PA<± 0,020 mm
Average position spread PS<± 0,015 mm
Stroke cutting head axis (Z)
  • 200 mm (2D)
  • 300 mm (3D)
  • 300 / 650 mm (3D)
  • 400 / 750 (3D)

According to VDI/DGQ3441, the position deviation contains systematic errors (e.g. geometry errors) while the average position scatter band only records random errors. The information relates to a measuring length of 1 metre (RT=20°+1°C)