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WARICUT HWPV water jet cutting

With the WARICUT® HWP, you have a water jet cutting system that can “grow” with its tasks. You can gradually extend the machine as needed in the X-direction up to 50 metres.

The cutting basin can also be designed as movable in case large parts have to be machined. For example, you can machine tubes up to a diameter of 4 metres.

The following also applies to the WARICUT® HWP: Every machine is individually designed according to customer requirements as a single or multiple head system in 2D or 3D (or a combination). There is, of course, also a choice of interesting additional equipment options.Due to the modular design of our systems, every optional function provided by H.G. Ridder GmbH can be retrofitted at any time.

Would you like some advice? We are pleased to make you an offer for the machine of your choice.

The machine type HWP is available in the following sizes:

X (mm)Y (mm) 1Y (mm) 2Y (mm) 3

X (mm)

Y (mm)

15502050 *
30503050 *4050 *5050 *
60503050 *4050 *5050 *
90503050 *4050 *5050 *

X-axes with extension modules
a) 3.000 mm lenght
b) 6.000 mm lenght
Maximum lenght 50.000 mm

* Double arbour cross bar

Machine dimensions (HWPV)

Position deviation PA

<± 0,050 mm (x-Axis < 6.000 mm)
<± 0,150 mm (x-Axis > 6.000 mm)

Average position spread PS

<± 0,030 mm (x-Axis < 6.000 mm)
<± 0,100 mm (x-Axis > 6.000 mm)

Stroke cutting head axis (Z)

800 / 1200 mm (2D/3D)
1200 / 1550 mm (2D/3D)
1550 / 1900 mm (2D/3D)

According to VDI/DGQ3441, the position deviation contains systematic errors (e.g. geometry errors), while the average position scatter band only records random errors. The information relates to a measuring length of 1 metre (RT=20°+1°C)