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WARICUT methods

WARICUT® is the trademark of the world wide proven cutting and separating technology in the area of water jet cutting systems.

Almost all materials with different thicknesses can be machined without heating or deformation and low burr formation with this environmentally sound, cold and highly precise process.

The high pressure water jet cutting process is the alternative to thermal cutting technology. It can be used with a pressure of up to 6,000 bar.

Waricut Verfahren 2DWaricut Verfahren 3D Kontur

Pure water cutting technology

With pure water cutting technology, the core jet of pure water cuts the workpiece.
The pure water cutting method is used for soft to tough materials. Machines with several cutting heads are mainly used here. These can be mounted on one or several traverses. The number of cutting heads is designed according to customer requirement


Materials4000 bar
Rubberup to 80 mm
Textilesup to 30 mm
Leatherup to 30 mm
Woodup to 35 mm
Laminatesup to 35 mm
Foamup to 200 mm
Cardboard / paperup to 60 mm

Abrasive cutting technology

In order to create an abrasive water jet from the jet of pure water, an abrasive material must be supplied to the water jet in a mixing chamber in the cutting head. Due to the high jet speed, a vacuum is produced in the cutting head using which the abrasive material is drawn into the mixing chamber and mixed with the water. The water-abrasive mixture is then focused and accelerated through an abrasive nozzle. With this abrasive water jet, the most diverse materials can now be machined.

The change from the abrasive cutting head to the pure water cutting head only takes approx. 60 seconds, thus flexibility is ensured.


Werkstoff4000 bar6000 bar
Stainless Steelup to 180 mm up to 300 mm
Steelup to 180 mm up to 300 mm
Hastelloyup to 180 mmunknown
Hardoxup to 180 mm unknown
Titaniumup to 250 mm up to 350 mm
Aluminiumup to 300 mm up to 400 mm
Non-ferrous metalsup to 180 mm up to 300 mm
Plasticsup to 180 mm unknown
Natural stoneup to 180 mm unknown
Tiles / ceramicsup to 150 mm unknown
Glassup to 160 mm unknown
Acrylic glassup to 180 mm unknown
Composite materialsup to 200 mm unknown
Textilesup to 250 mm unknown
Leatherup to 250 mmunknown
Woodup to 300 mm unknown
Laminatesup to 300 mmunknown
Foamup to 300 mmunknown
Cardboard / paperunknownunknown

Die Kombination Reinwasser-/Abrasivschneiden bei LohnschneidenThe combination of pure water / abrasive cutting is used in many areas, particularly for piecework cutting.

The variant shown has 2 traverses, each with 2 cutting heads. One abrasive cutting head and one pure water cutting head are mounted on each of these traverses.