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Through thick and thin with 4,000 bar

Water jet cutting is ideally suitable for sheet metal which reacts sensitively to the heat of thermal cutting processes such as many high alloy steels. With correct use of the process, significant benefits can also be achieved in the upstream and downstream parts of the process chain. Close collaboration with experienced specialists, preferably already during the design phase, is recommended for optimum efficiency.[]

source: Blech 2-05
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Through thick and thin with a sharp jet

Water jet cutting is particularly suitable for materials which react sensitively to heat. As the Aquatec user example shows, benefits can be obtained with optimised usage in the upstream and downstream process chain.[]

Industrieanzeiger 17/2005
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With 3D water jet for high-end sealing

Whoever uses a 3D water jet cutting system today usually uses it for cutting relatively simple contours in complex three-dimensional parts. At KSD, this is quite different: The company's special seals are produced from simple, flat sheet metal and plates, which complex-shaped sealing parts with the most diverse cutting angles are cut out of.[]

Blech 5-04
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A special model becomes a standard

With a specially developed water jet system from Ridder, the Austrian fire protection door manufacturer, Novoferm, will be making standard items from special fabrications in the future. Result: enormously shortened delivery times and reduced storage costs.[]

Fertigung October 2001
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Always cool

Task-optimised water jet cutting systems ensure flexibility, performance and profit for users.[]

Bänder, Bleche, Rohre September 2001
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Intelligent finishing

Exactly fitting three-dimensional contours can be made with water jet cutting. A benefit which can be enjoyed primarily by apparatus and machine construction companies in order to make filling or inspection openings in containers of any shape. They do not need their own water jet cutting system for this as Clever-Cut provides water jet cutting as a service.[]

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Water versus fire

Ridder developed a water jet machining centre with loading portal for the automated production of fire protection doors. The special application has been individually optimised for machining sheet metal and insulating materials.[]

Blech Rohre Profile 5/2001
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Now it is a matter of the auxiliary times

The faster the processes, the more important the auxiliary times. But even with relatively slow processes such as water jet cutting, the sights are also increasingly being set on the auxiliary times. Because if a water jet cutting machine is in 3-shift operation, it makes sense to minimise the auxiliary times and thus achieve significant time savings when calculated for the whole of the year. A caravan manufacturer went this route consistently and installed the first water jet cutting system with a shuttle table. Since then, placing and removing the parts happens mainly in parallel. Shuttle table and part sizes result in an impressive system 18 m long.[]

Blech 4-01
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Fire and water

Water for fire fighting is old news, but water as a machining tool for the manufacture of fire protection doors is surely unique in the scope envisaged by the H.G. Ridder company. Furthermore, the water jet cutting machine can also be used for milling work.[]

Laser 4-2001
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Water versus armour plating

The Ridder automation technology has established itself in this special area with the water jet cutting machines. The Westphalia machine constructors have now built a new large-scale cutting plant.[]

Produktion 5.10.2000 Nr. 40
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Constant dripping hollows the stone

When it concerns the clean cutting of the most diverse materials, CNC-controlled high pressure water jet cutting systems are the preferred choice. A SINUMERIK 820M/840C plays a decisive role so that marble, stone and iron are also cut precisely.[]

CNC report 1/94
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