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Overhaul of machine tools: More performance automatically

Why dispose of proven machines and production systems expensively and in accordance with environmental regulations?
Why interrupt established production processes and risk competitive advantages?

The answer is in favour of more productivity, time savings and keeping existing systems and machines.

The automation concepts of H.G. Ridder Automatisierungs-GmbH safeguard proven production processes and competitive advantage.

The H.G. Ridder GmbH is a known factor in the area of overhauling machine tools. Many so-called retrofit projects have been completed in Germany and world wide in more than 25 years. The machines to be overhauled were brought into the newest condition either on-site or in our factory. This includes not only the mechanical overhaul but usually also a complete conversion of the machines from conventional to the most modern controller technology.
We are happy to give you a quotation for the overhaul of your machine tool; simply contact us.

In close collaboration with machine and system manufacturers, the H.G. Ridder Automatisierungs-GmbH develops and realises solutions which last for generations, based on the traditional "e;Made in Germany"e; motto.
Roll grinding machine
Meuselwitz SAXW 1600 KDE 140
Gantry milling machine
Waldrich PFS 15
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